0% Interest Credit Card Balance Transfers

Though most 0% interest credit card balance transfers are conducted by individuals business can also take part in this balance bargain. Several credit card providers offer 0% interest credit card balance transfer to businesses. Let’s take a look at a couple of these business offers. The first, a Mastercard, offers 0% interest credit card balance transfers for the first fifteen months. This interest rate applies only to the transfers – not to any purchases made during the introductory period.

The annual percentage rate (APR) for the purchases is low however – a good 7.99 percent. The computation for the APR is based on the average daily balance that includes any new buys. There is no annual fee, and this card offers a credit line up to $50,000. The grace period on this 0% interest credit card balance transfers offer is 25 days, and there is no setup or transfer fee. This business credit card carriers a maximum late fee charge of $39, with a minimum of $15, depending on the balance at the due date. The fee for charges over the credit card limit also caps at $39.

With this credit card offering 0% interest on credit card balance transfers, there are no travel, shopping or cash rebate offers. Another of the 0% interest business credit cards offering balance transfers charges an annual fee of $75 and a $35 charge for any additional credit card issued on the account. It does, however, waive the first year’s fee if the credit card application is completed online. Late fees never exceed $30, however, there is no grace period at all. There is also an annual $30 fee for the program that offers membership rewards.

These rewards include reports on expense management, an everyday savings program for purchases such as gas and groceries, and savings with designated merchants in the area of hotel, auto rental, computer equipment and overnight delivery.The third of these business 0% interest credit card balance transfers offers gives five percent rebate on when you fill up at your favorite gas station, and a six month introductory period for balance transfers only. The credit line with this card could be as low as $1000 or as high as $50,000, with an APR approximately 10-18 percent dependent on the business credit worthiness. After the introductory period, the transferred balance carries a low 4.99 percent. That is a fixed rate and will remain until the balance is paid in full.